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AusControl offer high quality control panels for most applications from simple panel indicators to high end animated SCADA. Custom designed to client’s specifications with full test documentation, manuals and drawings. Only high quality components are used and specified based on in the field experience in many harsh environments.


Whether your company needs a simple enclosed motor starter or an elaborate PLC-based control system, we can provide you a quality service at very competitive price.


On site commissioning is available for clients that require assistance. We also offer remote access for quick programming modifications.

AusControl offer services in-


  • Power Distribution

  • Hard-wired Control

  • Servo Motor Control

  • AC Drives, DC Drives

  • PLC I/O






  • Communication Networks and Fieldbus

  • CAD drawing

  • Remote access

  • Machine safety systems

  • Commissioning – onsite if requested



Software design includes:


  • PLC Machine Control

  • Servo Motor Control




We are available to discuss your requirements and work with you in creating leading edge technology solutions.



  • Operator Interface – HMI

  • Data Acquisition and Logging




Call 0427 749 995

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